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We were a little less than two years ago. I think nothing has really changed there. Entertainment. Every day there was animation for a couple of hours - concerts, contests. During the day there was acrobatics and foam parties. There is a small nightclub for 1.5 people, you can get high there) Food. I would say it's a 4-star level. There weren't any delicious seafood. There were many side dishes, slices, some fish and meat, but nothing extraordinary. Overall, you won't be hungry. A couple types of meat were very good. Also, delicious pastries, buns. There is a food court near the pool, as well as one on the beach. And there, Turkish women were baking gyoza, which was also very tasty. The chef is a very pleasant and attentive man). There are a couple of cafes. The rooms are new and comfortable. The mattress is excellent. I had a room overlooking the village, and at first I was disappointed, but then on the contrary, it was so beautiful, it's just indescribable. Both during the day and at night. Alcohol. There was a lot of different kinds, like local ones. The guys at the bar made delicious cocktails. Location. There is nowhere to walk, except maybe along the beach or go up to the village to enjoy the views. There are two supermarkets nearby and a market comes once a week. Territory. Everything was new and neat. But the territory itself is small and lacks greenery. Beach. It's small, the loungers are free, there is a bar. But you should understand that it's more like a bay and there is no "open sea". Staff. Overall, they are reasonable, but there were some light flirtations from some of the waiters. But overall, I have the most pleasant impressions of the vacation🙂


I was here last winter season. I liked it. We paid $500 for a room with a sea view for two weeks. The territory is small. There is a water park. The hotel is relatively new. It was the winter season, so the food was more on the economical side, but you could always find something to eat. There was entertainment, but we didn't participate. It's important to note that there's not much to do outside of the hotel, so a car is necessary.


I flew with my child in mid-May. We took Turkish Airlines on a scheduled flight there and back. We arrived at 7 am and were quickly checked into a great room with a sea view at the hotel. The water park was excellent, with heated water. There was one outdoor pool that was warm, while the rest of the water was icy. The indoor pool was a lifesaver as it was warm and had seawater. The hotel was family-oriented but a bit dull. The food was plentiful, and my son spent the whole day at the water park and then in the warm pool. The animators tried their best, and there was a show every day. The views were beautiful, and in the evenings, we went to see the wild boars running on the slope.


The reviewer did not provide a detailed description of their stay at the hotel. I would like to share my impressions of my stay at the hotel in more detail.


The hotel left only the most pleasant impressions! Starting from the reception, ending with the room and the beach! The main restaurant deserves special praise, with a magnificent view of the sea, diverse and delicious food, and friendly waiters! We arrived at the Izmir airport at 5 in the morning, it took us 2 hours to get to the hotel, and we arrived at the hotel at 7:30. We got our bracelets and immediately went for breakfast, then we explored, relaxed, had lunch, and only at 1:30 PM we were given our room. These are European standards! The hotel is focused on Europeans with children, there were a lot of children! Europeans make up 9% of the guests, and Russians no more than 1%! The hotel grounds are small, it takes 2 minutes to reach the beach through an underground passage, and there is also a water park! The sea entrance has both sand and stones. We were satisfied with our vacation, the hotel is very worthy and lives up to its 5 stars, and the staff tries very hard!


Many thanks to the manager, chefs, waiters, bartenders, and cleaning staff. You all do an excellent job. We had a wonderful 9 days. The hotel is simply fantastic! Tourists should definitely bring slippers for swimming. The sea in this area is not the cleanest, but believe me - I'm remembering it now and want to experience it again. I have been to Turkey many times, and there are usually small flaws in hotels. But in this hotel, everything is simply excellent. There are plenty of sunbeds, beach towels are always available, and can be changed in the evening. The beach is cleaned every hour, the beach food is diverse, and everyone was in a positive mood. The animators try very hard. The restaurant is always clean and beautiful. The most important thing is the kindness and responsiveness of the staff. You are the best!


We went to Bodrum for the first time. We wanted the purest, azure sea and beautiful nature. Previously, we vacationed in Antalya and Belek. The hotel was very boring, with no grounds at all. The entertainment took place on chairs, which couldn't accommodate even half of the guests. The sea was very dirty! (feathers, pads, band-aids, etc.) It felt like we ended up in a lake where swimming was prohibited. If you swam far away, it was clean, but of course, it couldn't compare to the real sea. After 3 days, we didn't know what to do or how to occupy ourselves, so we rented a car and went to Bodrum (1.4 hours away). It was beautiful there! (if only we had known) The sea was azure and clean from the shore, and the nature was marvelous! Of course, next time we'll only go to the center of Bodrum. The positives were that the rooms were clean (we had a family room), the food was good and tasty, and there was a nice water park.


We rested at the end of August and the beginning of September! We arrived at the hotel at 8 o'clock in the evening. And it began! There were 3 families with us and there was no room for all of us at the hotel. They offered us to go to another hotel for one day, only 2 minutes away. We were with children, everyone was tired, and it was very stuffy in the lobby. They didn't even offer us water. We had to ask for it ourselves! The general manager of the hotel, Selcuk Yamac, said that they would compensate for this day. However, this manager does not really communicate with guests or greet them. In the end, there was no compensation, and we did not move out of the hotel. In the end, they accommodated us in one room. Furthermore, the hotel is not designed for Russians. There are no more than 5 staff members who speak Russian. They recommended this hotel to us as suitable for a family vacation and that they have everything for children. Except for the aqua park, there is nothing there! The children's mini garden, which is located outside, only accepts children from the age of 4, preferably Europeans, as they have difficulty communicating with Russians. For example, our acquaintances were not allowed to bring their girl, they explicitly said they do not accept Russians! The kids' room located near the main restaurant only operates for 2 hours during dinner. The children's entertainment is not impressive; they sing the same songs. During the entertainment, they place a cart with popcorn and cotton candy near the stage, and it's all for an additional fee! Guys, if you claim to be 5-star and ultra all-inclusive, where is it all? Moving on, the access to the sea through the tunnel is not 5-star, there is tile on the floor in the tunnel, and it can get wet, making it unsafe for children to run around. The beach is very small, and it is dirty in the morning, as it is not cleaned. In the evenings, people sit in the lobby bar, and it's very stuffy there, not all of the air conditioners work, they seem to be cutting costs. The floors are dirty, and the tables are poorly cleaned as well. They also wash the dishes poorly. And there is a lot of broken tableware that they pour juices (pitchers) or drinks (glasses) into. They do not have lunch boxes. And you cannot come to the restaurant to eat earlier. Initially, the managers also told us that the hotel provides strollers (at an additional cost), but they don't even have them. Although strollers are already available everywhere in hotels. They also said they have a potty in the hotel, but they don't have that either. Thankfully, they have a child seat for the toilet. Because we were checked in so late, they gave us platinum bracelets (gray), which are supposed to be VIP. But in reality, there were no privileges.


I have been working in tourism for almost 1 year. I have traveled to Turkey with my family for vacations many times. Usually, we would go at least twice a year. This year, due to personal circumstances, we didn't plan on having a spring vacation. However, when we saw a good offer for this hotel, we didn't hesitate and decided to go. In Turkey, there are 5-star hotels that are even difficult to compare to 3-star ones. And this hotel not only lives up to its 5-star rating but also deserves the Deluxe prefix. We flew with Turkish Airlines on a regular flight. We flew on schedule and the flight was not long, about 4 hours. On the way back, we actually departed earlier and arrived 4 minutes earlier. The seats were very comfortable. They served meals, but the food was not very tasty. We arrived at the hotel early in the morning, around 7:30. The staff at the reception desk were very polite, but no one spoke Russian. They didn't immediately check us in and sent us to have breakfast. They promised to check us in within 2-3 hours after breakfast. We were happy when they finally checked us in at around 11 am. We booked a two-room suite with a partial sea view. They accommodated us with a view of the water park. We thought it would be noisy, but the water park closes at 4:30, so there were no problems. The room itself was wonderful. Everything matched the description: clean, beautiful, and new. Everything worked perfectly. On the first day of arrival, there was a slight smell of sewage, but it didn't appear again and we forgot about it. Housekeeping was excellent! They changed the bedding, towels, and cleaned the room every day. Beach towels were provided with cards, and you can change them as many times as you want during the day. The food at this hotel is a separate topic - it is at the level of luxury hotels, and in some moments even better. Every day, there was lamb, turkey, chicken, and a variety of seafood - mussels, squid, different types of fish, shrimp, crabs, and oysters. Sometimes they made sushi rolls. Of course, there were also french fries, pizzas, several types of pasta, onion rings, and delicious rice. As for fruits, they had plums, apples, oranges, watermelons, melons, strawberries, and apricots. For breakfast, there was freshly squeezed orange juice. And, of course, a variety of sweets! The only downside to the main restaurant is that you have to get your own drinks. Waiters sometimes bring them, but they can't keep up with the number of people. There is also a food court near the pools where you can have fast food during the day. They also serve very delicious ice cream. The alcohol is good, but not many people know how to mix cocktails. Despite the fact that we were on vacation in early May, the water park was actively working and both children and adults were swimming. In the hotel, you feel quite comfortable overall: everyone is polite, smiling, greeting, and fulfilling requests and wishes very quickly. We didn't hear any shouting, quarrels, or conversations at high volume from either vacationers or staff during our entire stay. We only went to the beach once. It was beautiful, well-maintained, and clean. There is also a bar. The sea in this place is very beautiful. There is a small island opposite the hotel, which can be reached via a sandbar. I recommend going to the island, it is very beautiful. The hotel is located in a cottage village, and there is practically nothing beyond the hotel grounds except for summer houses. There is a small supermarket, Migros, and Kariyer. Unfortunately, Russian bank cards are not accepted in Turkey. They also don't accept dollars or euros in shops with fixed prices. We were helped by the Anex guide. He helped us withdraw money from our card twice. Overall, I would rate Anex with a 5+ for this trip. Everything was clear, understandable, and well-organized. The meeting with the guide was organized individually for each family, so it was a personalized approach. Excursions were not forced on us, and the guide responded promptly to any questions we had on WhatsApp. It was very pleasing! Would we return to this hotel? Definitely yes! If there is a good price offer in the fall and circumstances allow, we will come again. And for now, I will recommend this hotel to my tourists and friends.


Great hotel. It fully corresponds to the description. It is a great place to stay at any time of the year. There is a covered heated pool, sauna, steam room, Turkish bath, and salt room. The food is excellent, delicious and varied. The children's entertainment is top-notch. Many thanks to animator Anna. The beach is nice with soft sand. There is a large water park (closed during the winter season). The hotel grounds are not big, but it was a plus for us as the kids could play on their own and we didn't worry about them getting lost. I wish the hotel prosperity. We will definitely come back again. Thank you very much for a wonderful vacation.


From Bodrum Airport it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the hotel. The hotel is oriented towards its citizens, meaning all the attention is towards Turks, of which there are a huge number in the hotel. Currently, there are a lot of people in the hotel. There are problems with check-in. They didn't give us our room until 4 PM: "The previous guests haven't checked out yet," the administrator said, "and we can't rush them." This situation happens constantly. There was a couple with a child sitting there at 7 PM, and they were told, "Soon, soon." There is no Russian-speaking staff. If something displeases the employees, they can even stop understanding English. There was a terrible smell coming from the sewage for several days, but they only sent technicians when we started filing complaints. The room had a safe, slippers, and a minibar (juice and water were replenished daily). There was only air conditioner and body lotion in the bathroom. The shampoo-gel was on the wall in the shower in a large dispenser. The sunbeds by the pool are so close together that it's not always possible to walk to the pool. The deepest pool is 1 meter and 4 centimeters deep. They reserve the sunbeds with towels as early as 7 AM. After 9 AM, you can't find any free sunbeds, and towels are left there all day, and the staff doesn't supervise this. The waterpark opens at 11 AM, but people start occupying the sunbeds at 9 AM. The waterpark is good, the employees attentively watch the children and don't allow them to ride until the previous person has gone. You can go to the beach through an underground passage and steps. The sea is a small city beach with hotel sunbeds, stray dogs and cats, corn sellers, and local vacationers. The water is cold, ranging from 22.5 to 24 degrees Celsius in the middle of July. It's the Aegean Sea, warm currents don't reach it. But there are always free sunbeds on the beach. There is a bar on the beach with juices, water, and beer. They also make pancakes there. There is animation, it's noisy but not intrusive. The evening shows are amateurish. The location for the shows is very inconvenient. The tables and chairs are placed closely together, there are children dancing and people smoking, and they start climbing on the chairs near the stage. The organization is terrible. All the drinks are locally produced, you can ask for Jameson, but they often say it's out of stock, so drink the local equivalent. The boxed juices are sickeningly sweet. Freshly squeezed juice is only available for breakfast and is delicious. There is one bar that is open 24/7, and one from 1 PM to midnight. The food is monotonous. No one will go hungry, but it's the same every day. One of the highlights is sushi with pickled red cabbage, while the other sushi options are either with imitation crab or seaweed. During the day, they serve nuggets, french fries, and watermelons near the waterpark. There are also french fries, spaghetti, and pizza near the main pool. The à la carte restaurants require reservations from 1 PM to 11 AM for the following day. During a 5-day stay, you get one reservation, during a 7-day stay - two, and so on. We went to the seafood restaurant, but we weren't impressed at all. The salads from the main buffet were placed on the table, and they only offered sea bass and sea bream for the main course. It was delicious, but that was it. There is no mention of any seafood delicacies at all. There is a wonderful pastry shop on the lobby floor with good coffee, tea, and fresh desserts. The girls there are attentive and helpful. The hotel doesn't have any green areas. There are only potted plants. During the day, everything is so hot that you can't step on the tiles near the pool. The Mir cards are not accepted anywhere except at Bodrum Airport. There is a Migros and Carrefour on the left and right sides of the hotel. You can pay in dollars there, and they will give change in Turkish Lira. The exchange rate is so-so. In the hotel, 1 dollar equals 1 euro, and they accept payment in both currencies for attractions and popcorn.


Let's start with the fact that the hotel is located 1.5 hours away from Bodrum, 2 km from Didim. It is situated in a village, so there is not much to explore around, just summer houses that give a feeling of being in Greece. You can take a walk through the village streets or go left from the hotel for 1-2 km where you will find a more lively street with shops and cafes. You can also go to Didim by bus for 15 lira per person, by car with rental and 2 dollars for petrol per liter, or by taxi for 1 dollar one-way. If you are interested in car rental, I recommend renting a car for the entire vacation at the airport as it will be the most budget-friendly option, even if you don't plan on driving everywhere. Alternatively, you can book in advance through a company. We rented a car at the hotel for 5 euros per day. In the city, they asked for 15 lira per day and you can only drive 2 km. For example, during our stay, we drove 5 km in a day. The hotel itself is the best in the area. It is newly built in 22. Check-in is strictly at 2 pm, so be prepared to wait or start your vacation without checking in. The same applies to check-out. You have to leave the room by 12 pm, but you can continue to enjoy all the hotel amenities and services. The hotel territory is not large, but it has everything necessary for a great vacation. The rooms are nice and include everything except a bathrobe. The safe and mini-bar are also free. The food is simply fantastic, everything is delicious. They offer all kinds of drinks, including champagne, which I haven't seen anywhere else before. There is a club, a spa area with a hammam and a heated pool, a gym, a game room, a children's room, and a shop with everything you need (souvenirs, food, clothes, shoes). Upon check-in, they give you a 15-minute massage, which I highly recommend trying. They don't pressure you to purchase their services afterwards, it's up to you. We tried Annex and the main hotel where the guide doesn't tell or offer excursions unless you ask. There is a huge pool on the territory, an adult and children's water park, several bars in the hotel, by the pool, in the water park, and on the beach. The beach is across the road with a tunnel passage. It is sandy with pebbles, not the best but not bad either. Lunch usually takes place by the pool in a buffet style, offering pizza, hamburgers, ice cream, etc. The animation team is not pushy. In the morning, there are aqua aerobics, step, darts, water polo, volleyball, and in the evening, mainly dance shows with professional dancers. I recommend visiting Haydar Koyu beach during the day. It is a white sandy beach with shallow water, so the water there is transparent and very warm. It is located 12 km from the hotel. Also, take a shopping trip to Bodrum or Izmir as the prices for famous brands are 1.5-2 times cheaper than in Russia. The staff speaks Turkish and English, but there are a few people who understand a little Russian, so they can help you with any problems. Wi-Fi works on the entire territory, especially well in the rooms. You can find more details on my Instagram @svetlankaigorevnana in the "Bodrum" folder. I wish everyone a great vacation.


We decided to try going to the Aegean Sea and chose a hotel based on reviews. Check-in is strictly at 2 PM. The hotel itself is good, but the sea... I didn't expect it to be so cold in the middle of July. There were only Russians on the beach (if we come to the sea, we will swim in the sea, even if it's freezing). However, there were always available sun loungers, with 3-4 empty rows on the second level even when the hotel was only 1% occupied. Most people preferred to relax by the pools. The water park was open from 11 AM to 4 PM without a lunch break. The food was good, with a decent selection of options for lunch near the pools and the water park, different from the food in the main restaurant. However, we preferred to eat at the hotel because the glasses and plates would often fly away! There was wind all day (even the umbrellas by the pool would occasionally fall). The hotel manager Orhan (I might be mistaken with the name) was very helpful - he helped us change our room and organized a taxi to Bodrum (round trip). We went to the Midtown shopping center and Ikea (which was very small). We couldn't withdraw money from the ATMs, not even 1 lira (although the ATMs claimed to work with the MIR payment system), our cards were from VTB and Sberbank. There was also no currency exchange office. Stores didn't accept dollars. Our taxi driver came to the rescue! He gave us his card and told us the PIN code, and we used his card to pay in all the stores. When we returned to the hotel, he converted everything to dollars for us. Thank you, Bektas! The hotel's clientele consisted of Poles, Germans, Scots, English, Czechs, Norwegians, Turks, and Russians made up about 5%.


We were on vacation with our family, consisting of 2 adults and children aged 12 and 3. The transfer from Bodrum Airport took about 1.5 hours. We were the first hotel to check-in. The hotel was supposed to accommodate 3 families from the bus. However, upon arrival at the hotel, the reception informed us that there were no available rooms and offered us accommodation in the neighboring Ramada hotel for three days. This turn of events certainly did not suit us. We specifically chose a hotel with a water park to ensure comfort and entertainment for the children. And here we had such a surprise. Well, not really a surprise, as I had read before that such incidents had happened to other tourists. In the end, we refused to go anywhere and just sat in the lobby waiting for a room. Another family also stayed with us, while one family went to Ramada. The transfer guide and hotel staff tried to persuade us to go to Ramada (considering that we were tired from the journey, not fed or provided with water), but we stood our ground. Eventually, they understood that we were not going anywhere. The wife of the hotel owner, Polina, suggested that we stay in Hasan Bey's room (the hotel owner) for two nights. The room suited us, so we agreed. It was a room for two families with a shared hall, two bedrooms, and a common terrace. We left a child's potty and a backpack with toys in the room and went to the sea. The staff needed time to prepare the room for our stay. We were assured that the room would be ready in 2.5 hours. However, they only checked us in after 6 hours and that was only after we expressed our complaints. To my surprise, when we arrived in the room, we did not find our children's belongings. The hotel staff just shrugged their shoulders. After lengthy negotiations, on the 4th day, we finally got our belongings back, but it was a struggle. Overall, our nerves were highly strained, and the vacation was ruined. As for the hotel, I can say that it's a solid four-star but not quite a five-star. The hotel grounds are small, and the food is not great. There was nothing to feed the child in the morning. It was all fast food. They only served semolina porridge twice during our entire stay. The rest of the porridge was not good, as if they just poured grains into milk (which can hardly be called porridge). However, the à la carte restaurant (fish) was very good. The sea was cold but clean. There were no waves as it is located in a bay. Harmless dogs roamed the beach, which didn't bother us. The hotel had 85% Europeans, very few Russians. Only a couple of Russian people were involved in the animation. Anna, the animator from the kids' club, was very nice and pleasant. However, the adult animation overall didn't impress us. I regret exchanging our favorite Dolphin Deluxe for this hotel. It will be a lesson learned.


We are staying with family and friends at this hotel. The hotel is amazing, the buffet is just incredible. There is absolutely everything for everyone. All kinds of meat and seafood every day. Breakfast, lunch, dinners - just speechless. We did not expect such outstanding service and hospitality. The staff is polite. The water slides and pool are all here, no need to go anywhere. The sea and beach are pristine. The hotel's design is modern and eco-friendly. There is nothing unnecessary. The rooms are clean, with good mattresses and furniture. Towels, linens, shower amenities - everything is provided, all matching a five-star hotel. The view from the window is of the Aegean Sea. Guys, this is just the top, we recommend it 100%.


The hotel was chosen for a long time. We were recommended the Aegean coast. I want to say - not disappointed. The sea - contrary to expectations, warm enough, the air too - the weather in October was pleasing. Check-in: we arrived early. They checked us in even after 2 pm. Luckily, my friend got a room right away (at 1 am). The room had a good view on the L floor, but only one double and one single bed. There were four of us. After a week, I asked the maid for an extra bed - they gave it to us without any problems and without extra charge. I advise doing the same. Food: delicious, but not amazing. Yes, there are fish days (very tasty! I recommend trying mussels - unusual preparation). There are some downsides - waiters can't keep up with the service (bringing drinks) - waiting in line is not a problem. But! In my opinion, they should put tea, coffee, and lemonade in a self-service area - instead of behind the bar. It turns out that everyone stands in the same line for different drinks. If it was self-service, this wouldn't happen. In general, the food is not bad but lacks variety (although we are not very picky). Plus: there is plenty of food by the pools, and the late-night soup also came in handy for the hungry. The 24-hour bar on the -1 floor was a pleasant surprise. The cocktails are not bad, but they quickly get boring. Overall, the alcohol is of good quality. The beach surprised us. Maybe we were unlucky, but there are huge stones when you enter the water!!!! You stumble on them and scrape your feet! We were shocked. You have to walk and find a place to enter. The beach is decent. Not equipped, but there are enough sunbeds. The beach bar has beer, water, and lemonade. It was a bit annoying to have to walk across the passage for something, but that's just laziness. Cleaning in the room was also surprising. According to reviews, it was supposed to be a 5. But in fact, they didn't always even change dirty towels, sometimes they just took the tips, replenished the minibar, and that's it. No beer or nuts were brought). The hotel has decent entertainment. Not in Russian. The animators are great. There is a club (for adults) that operates on weekends - you can have a fun evening there. One big downside is the emptiness around the hotel. Only two shops on the territory, that's it! No excursions to buy, no souvenirs. We went once on a free transfer to a leather store - and then walked around. I recommend the Temple of Apollo in Didim and Altınkum Beach. There is also a mini-market there - you can bargain and buy at a good price. I do not recommend the Saturday market in Didim - it's not of good quality. We went there by a shuttle from the hotel (15 lira). At the reception, you can rent a car - we went to Ephesus and Miletus. Impressive! It's a must for lovers of antiquities. I recommend it! Overall impression: good but not superb. Last year, there was even a slightly better hotel than this. The main advantage is the water park! A paradise for children! Kids really enjoy it - and that was a priority for our vacation. Perfect for a short trip!


We spent three weeks as a family (two adults and two children, aged 3 and 12) in a hotel. We chose the hotel based on the mostly enthusiastic reviews. Many mentioned the hotel's small territory, but everything else was amazing. This will not be a negative review; I'll try to be objective. The main thing that everyone seems to forget to mention is the sea. After all, when you go to a seaside hotel, you expect the sea. However, it's not that straightforward here. When we arrived (end of July), the sea was crystal clear for the first week, but incredibly cold. It was not the 24 degrees as advertised, and swimming for a long time was uncomfortable; we couldn't get the kids in the water. After a week, the weather changed a bit (humidity increased and the wind picked up), waves appeared, and lots of seaweed washed ashore. But the water became much warmer. Interestingly, the same story applied to the pools. The first week, the water in the pool was also not comfortable, but with the arrival of warm seawater, the pool water also became warmer. I'm not sure if these are related or not, but it's a fact. Judging by the number of people in the pool, it's clear the water got warmer. Regarding the hotel, there are two main advantages! We checked in at 8 am without any problems (Junior Suite room). We checked out at 3 pm, even though the check-out time was 12 pm. It was comfortable because we left our luggage in the luggage room, enjoyed swimming in the sea and pool, had lunch, and showered in the spa. By the way, our eldest daughter had a 5-day massage here, and she loved it. (Regarding check-in, maybe we were lucky because the hotel was only 1% occupied, and some people experienced overbooking). Back to the hotel. The majority of guests were Turkish and British (Germans and Russian speakers made up about 15%). The service is tailored for them. The food options are either Turkish dishes or British fast food. The staff is not pushy (which is both a plus and a minus). Most of the guests have all-inclusive packages, so they take a plate of food to the pool or beach, leave it there, and don't care if something falls. The staff also doesn't bother much if something falls. Because of this attitude from both guests and staff, it creates the impression (or rather, it's the truth) that there is litter everywhere. On the other hand, they won't kick you out of the restaurant after closing time; they won't bother you. The staff is unobtrusive. Overall, I got the impression that they need a strict manager who would take charge, then the service would be on point. Continuing about the hotel and guests. All sun loungers are occupied in the morning (and it's not the Russians, in case you're wondering). For the first couple of days, I gave in and reserved loungers, but then it got tiring because most of the occupied loungers remained empty. I chose occupied loungers where one person reserved four and took a couple for myself. Regarding the rooms, we stayed in a Junior Suite. I don't know what the trend is with room design, but one thing is for sure: if the divider in the room was not just decorative, the room would be more functional. We didn't choose a family room because it has one room without windows, which doesn't seem like a good solution to me. Now, the hotel's positives. As I already mentioned, the staff is unobtrusive and turns a blind eye to a lot of things. You can take a glass or plate to your room without any problem. The shows were great, although the lack of an amphitheater sometimes affected visibility. For example, some musicians came and set up their equipment on the stage, while dancers performed on the floor for warm-up. Only the first row, occupied by the most persistent people, could see them. By the way, this raises a question about the staff (or lack of a proper manager). If you organize such shows repeatedly, you should know that this will happen, so at least put up barriers or tape. But this only occurred a couple of times; the main shows took place on the stage, and everything was visible. Every three days, they set up bouncy castles for children, which was fun (although the rude young British subjects of the crown were a constant nuisance, pushing in line everywhere, pretending they didn't notice, even with a 'queue' sign, but they are their parents' children). The children's water park is great. As soon as the water warmed up, the younger one couldn't get enough of the water park. Again, because the staff is not pushy and the lifeguards are nominal, it affects the behavior of the children in the water park. The water park opened at 11 am, and the guests (who, as you've probably understood by now) simply grabbed three beers, took their children to the water park, and paid no attention to them. That's their standard vacation. Oh, I forgot. There's a separate story about the à la carte restaurants. There are three restaurants: Italian, seafood, and one more, but that doesn't really matter because they are all in the same place, right in one spot, in the neighboring wing opposite the dining room. So, you choose the food from the menu, but! they bring you the food directly from the dining room. In the menu, there is absolutely everything that is in the dining room. There is no authenticity in the style of Italy, the sea theme, etc. As I understand it, they are only made to meet the 5-star requirements. It is important, I think, to note that we are not hotel people. In the past 15 years, this is the third time we have stayed in a hotel. The pandemic and the situation in the world affected our choice. Normally, we rent a cottage or an apartment and have a car available, so we are not tied to one place. Once we rented a car here, our mood immediately improved. The freedom of movement had a positive impact on us; we can't just lie by the pool all the time like 9% of the other guests in this hotel. Regarding the car, you need to consider that since it is peak season, cars are not always available. You can order a car from Europcar at the guest relations. In our case, we were only able to get the car after 1 day, which was fine for us because we rented two cars just in time for the arrival of our friends (on our recommendation, they changed hotels for the remaining part of their vacation after we left Moscow). But before that, I found a car in Didim, contacted them to rent another car for 4 days. I should note that it is important to understand that Turkish people have a tendency to be nonchalant. You need to take this into account and be aware. The same thing happened here, they brought the car on time, but without a child seat. When I asked why I was given a car without a child seat, if I should leave my child at the hotel or something, after scratching their heads, they finally figured out where to find one and brought it an hour later. We went to Pamukkale (we went after lunch to avoid the crowds and because most of the excursions leave by that time), and stayed overnight in a small hotel, of which there are plenty there. We also visited Sirince (highly recommend, interesting place, it was even mentioned in a prophecy about the end of the world), Ephesus, Bodrum, and Kusadasi. I was very surprised by Denizli (near Pamukkale) - a big, clean, modern city. We went to a restaurant there on the advice of our friends, everything was great and inexpensive. In general, we found that many things in Turkey are inexpensive (compared to Russia). For example, watermelons cost 2.5 lira per kilogram (1 to 3.4), which is 8.5 rubles. Regarding Didim - there is absolutely nothing to do there. The town, despite the new buildings, is tired and, to put it mildly, not very clean. Even the Starbucks is a mess, I don't remember anything like that in Moscow. We have been to Didim several times, rented a boat (again, about the nonchalant attitude of the Turks - instead of two transfer cars to the boat, one came, 8 people squeezed into it, and the children were put in the trunk - it's not a joke), and sailed through the bays. We also got a SIM card there. Many people wrote that there is nowhere to go outside the hotel. That is true, there is no promenade here, but there are three shops near the hotel, and there is an ATM near Migros that accepts Mir cards. You can also pay with Mir at Migros. In conclusion (because this review is turning out to be quite long), the hotel was designed by a mathematician who maximized the use of a small area. The hotel lacks a manager to motivate the staff. The guests (who, I understand, are middle-class because this vacation doesn't cost them a fortune like it does for us at the moment) perceive all-inclusive as something where everything is always done for them, they don't care about anything, if a cup flies into the pool, they won't even extend their hand to pick it up and throw it away (there are many of them here). If someone does pick something up, it's definitely a Russian, Ukrainian, or Kazakh. If you are someone who enjoys a quiet vacation by the pool and is not bothered by the cold seawater, then this is the place for you. I can't say anything extremely negative about the hotel, but I probably wouldn't recommend it either. During the first week, I was very stressed, there was a perception of inflated expectations, I don't understand where all the enthusiastic reviews came from, maybe I didn't pay attention and those were reviews from tourists from Turkey and Britain.


The hotel was chosen very quickly. It is completely atypical for this coastline. It is new, with clean rooms, very active entertainment, and good food. There is imported alcohol (whiskey). There is a wonderful water park for both children and adults. The nature is very reminiscent of Halkidiki. The clientele is mainly from Europe, England, Turkey, with very few Russians. The beach is nice, with a beach bar and Turkish flatbreads. We really liked the food court with chicken à la KFS (only minimal batter and natural meat), potato wedges, pizza, shawarma, spaghetti, and more. There is also food available in the water park area. We indulged in watermelons, strawberries, and cherries. The territory seemed small in the photos, but it is so well-planned that it seems huge. I liked Nikolai's review, he described everything in detail. We have a lot of experience holidaying in Turkey, and I definitely recommend this hotel. Especially if you miss Greece. If you have any questions, write to [email protected].


Who plans to relax in Turkey, I can confidently recommend the Maeria hotel. We liked everything!!! The hotel is new, big, with a huge pool, two children's pools, its own water park, and I won't even write about the food, it was always very delicious. Respect to the chef! All the staff members were very polite and accommodating. Great evening entertainment. Maeria, you're amazing!!! We will definitely come back.


I don't know where to start. In general, we chose it quickly because the hotel ranks high in ratings. After that, I started having doubts about the size of its territory until we arrived. Usually, we stayed in hotels with large bungalow-type areas, but this time we chose a "multi-story" building. I worried if my wife and friends would like it, and I was anxious at the airport, but it turned out to be so unnecessary that I'm even ashamed now :-) We were met by a transfer arranged just for us with a Russian-speaking guide. There were only five of us in the minivan, as the guide explained, because we arrived at the very beginning of the season, and in general, there are rarely more than one person. So we went straight to our hotel. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a very friendly and smiling guy (I have a bad memory for names, it seems like Yunus), he helped us in everything, told us about a girl in Kamchatka. In general, he showed us the territory from the balcony and took us to the rooms. The rooms were on the first floor in the right wing above the a la carte restaurants. The rooms were very nice, with new renovations, and it seemed like the sound insulation was good, as no one heard us and we didn't hear anyone. There was a replenished mini-bar (without beer), tea, coffee, a kettle, disposable slippers, and a free electronic safe. The shower had everything, although their bathing products didn't lather. Only the shower gel from the dispenser and the refillable soap were good; we used our own shampoo. There is a tropical shower - it's awesome. They cleaned every day, and they cleaned well, changed the towels, and I think they changed the bedding on the third day. I didn't pay attention to this because I don't sleep in dirty sheets. The food was fantastic, amazing, and outstanding. I am picky, but whatever I took (sometimes things I wouldn't normally eat in life), I enjoyed it. Thanks to the chefs and the kitchen team. The dinner was beautifully decorated, especially the fish day. You can check their Instagram stories on Wednesdays (I think it's fish day). You won't see that often. Also, for lunch, they don't focus on the main restaurant. Don't be scared, like we were, when you come for lunch for the first time. The majority of guests are from Western countries, and they love snacks. So everyone eats in the cafes on the street. They have salads and something like KFC chicken and crispy fries (just like in our best times), and something like shawarma and burgers, so you definitely won't go hungry. Alcohol - they have a cocktail menu with six main cocktails, but they can make something that is not on the menu. The beer is good, but one person in our group didn't like it because he prefers unfiltered beer. We only drank tequila and once when tequila ran out, we drank whisky, but I can't say anything about its quality for obvious reasons. In general, all cocktails are cool and delicious. The animators and staff - amazing. I don't know where they found them, but they are super cool guys. To the guy with the big bangs resembling a cap - hi! (Sorry, bad memory for names). The staff only speak English and Turkish. A couple of people in the animation team understand some Russian, but there is a Russian girl in the animation team. If you meet her, she will help you get oriented. I won't say her name, but greetings and thanks to her too! The girls at the lobby bar, you are great. They are so dedicated to their work that you just want to shower them with tips, and they deserve it. P.S. Titi - you are the best! You have the best team, take care of them all. If we come back, it will be for all of you! With love from Russia. Next to the hotel, there is a water park with cool slides, it operates from 12 pm to 4 pm. Through a beautiful underground passage, there is a beach. I don't know why everyone says it's narrow, it was enough for us. It was not narrow at all. Maybe it gets crowded during high season, I don't know. But most people hang out by the pool. The large pool is not heated (an error in the annex), the other pools in the water park are heated. I guess it's enough to sing praises. I don't have much experience with hotels, but now I can confidently say for the first time in my life - I would come back! And I hope we will come to you again!


Let's start with the fact that we arrived around 11 am, we didn't even have time to realize it. We collected our suitcases, put on the bracelets, quickly filled out the forms with the guide, and were immediately given our room. The room had a view of the mountains, which was very nice as it was always quiet and peaceful there, you couldn't hear anything from the animations or the water park. You could relax at any time. The room was still new, and it was pleasant to be there. The minibar was restocked every day with Sprite, Fanta, cola, soda water, water, and juice for children. There was also a kettle, coffee, and tea. The room had a free safe. Housekeeping changed the towels and bedding every day. In principle, you don't have to leave the hotel, as everything is here. In May, all pools except the large one are heated, even in the water park, so you can comfortably enjoy the rides. The water park is open from 12 pm to 4 pm, with a maximum wait time of 2 people in line, so you can ride to your heart's content. There were enough sunbeds for everyone. There is also an indoor heated pool, and you can use the hammam, salt room, and sauna free of charge. The beach is not completely equipped yet, with ongoing construction of a toilet. There is a passage to the beach, so you don't need to leave the hotel premises. There is a beach bar with gazebos. Everything is clean, and there are constantly workers cleaning. There is also a volleyball court. The beach entrance is sandy, with some rocks but further in, so they don't interfere with swimming. The animation team is really good, offering a lot of activities such as volleyball, tennis, darts, aqua aerobics, dancing, mini disco, evening shows, live music, foam parties, disco club, and much more. The kids' club operates three times a day, especially convenient in the evening from 7 pm to 2 or 3 am, so you can comfortably finish dinner. The hotel itself is new and stylish, with different chairs, sofas, and chandeliers everywhere. Everything is beautiful and clean, and they really take care of order and cleanliness. The food is beyond praise, you can eat almost round the clock, whatever you want. The main restaurant is always beautifully decorated, with no queues, and several themed halls. There are many types of meat in different variations (chicken, beef, turkey, lamb), plenty of side dishes, salads, vegetables, and fruits (strawberries, cherries, grapefruits, bananas, kiwis, apples, etc.). Sushi is made twice a week (it's okay, we tried it once), and the chef surprises with some delicious treats. There are also a la carte restaurants, as usual with reservations. It is easier to watch any video about food in this hotel to see it for yourself. The snack bar operates from 12 pm to 5 pm. Instead of lunch, we often went there. There was a great selection: pizza, shawarma, side dishes, meat, French fries, ice cream, fruits, and vegetables. The water park also has a snack bar where they prepare food right in front of you, and it is also very tasty. The hotel has its own pastry shop, and all the desserts are delicious. Everyone can find something they like; we loved the cheesecake. There are also bars everywhere: beach, lobby, pool, disco, and lounge (24-hour). They make various cocktails to suit every taste, and waiters constantly roam the halls and terrace, so you don't even have to get up, everything will be brought to you. There are Migros and Bim supermarkets near the hotel. A market comes on Thursdays, to the left of the hotel. You can take a walk on Ostrum near the hotel, it is very interesting, it is a spit of land with a beautiful view, and you can walk barefoot or in flip-flops. In Didim, the minibus costs 15 liras, and the stop is near the hotel. We really liked the hotel and would gladly come back again. I recommend it to everyone.


Hello! My family and I went on vacation in early October. We were very worried that the weather would be rainy or the sea would be cold, but we were wrong - the sun was shining, it was hot, reaching 30 degrees Celsius in the shade, and we swam in the sea every day. Room. We stayed in a family room on the same floor as the lobby. It had a side view of the sea. The room was nice and not worn out. Everything we needed was there. However, they only provided tea and coffee for 2 people, and there were 5 of us))) I mentioned this to the person who restocked, and he gave us supplies for 5, but from the next day, it went back to being for 2. Service. The staff was very friendly, and they were always willing to help with any questions or issues. I want to mention Celin at the reception and the beautiful woman who takes down our orders for à la carte dining (unfortunately, I don't know her name). My children weren't interested in the kids' club because there were only foreigners there. But it exists. We saw that the kids were doing something, cooking maybe, and practicing yoga on the beach. Waterpark. It was fantastic! Despite the great weather, the water in the park was heated. It was nice to slide into warm water. By the way, the indoor pool was closed. Food. Just wow!!! There was everything and for every taste. We looked at the photos at home and thought we would try this dessert and that one. We were naive! We couldn't even fit in the dessert. We were rolling around like balls. Drinks were brought by waiters, which was nothing new. What was new to us was that we could order cocktails. Previously, they only brought us plain alcoholic drinks, like rum. But if we wanted a cocktail with rum, we had to go to the bar ourselves. Infrastructure. The resort doesn't have a lot of territory, but there is an underground passage to the sea. And that was convenient for us because the children could always find us, and we could find them. Outside the resort, there is a Migros market. We also walked to the village of Akbuk, to the left, past the mosque. We bought a few souvenirs there. But if you're looking for shopping, this is not the place. We had a wonderful vacation. Would we come back here again? Yes. Would I recommend it? Definitely!


I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the hotel for the wonderful vacation with my family!!!! I have never encountered such friendly staff in my life!!! I even started paying special attention to how the hotel employees behave. They are extremely polite and always have a smile on their faces!!! It's incredible! The bartenders work tirelessly and are always happy to serve you, no matter how busy they are or how hot it is. (And I'm not just saying this for myself, I observed them with everyone, and they are like that with everyone!!!) I have my own business in the service industry, so now it's a mystery to me... How can one achieve such genuine, sincere friendliness and atmosphere? I would definitely take lessons in management from the hotel's founder!!! The evening shows were beyond praise!!! The pools, water parks, and the sea!!!! Everything is fantastic!!! I don't drink alcohol, and it actually made me a bit upset. There is an abundance of expensive spirits! Everything was incredibly convenient for children! The food was excellent! Different every day! A special thanks to the chefs!!! The beach is sandy! As for the free activities: There is a beautiful promenade nearby for morning jogs! You can also walk along a sandy spit to an uninhabited island and enjoy the view of the beach, which is reminiscent of a Greek city! You can hike up the mountain and enjoy the view of the sea! There are also many interesting paid excursions! Even the shops on the hotel's -2 floor are very interesting and have lovely items at reasonable prices! I wish the hotel continued success!!! Keep moving forward!!! Open more branches! Everything is wonderful there! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE VACATION! THE WHOLE FAMILY IS DELIGHTED!!!


If you want a lively hotel, don't read any further.)) This is a hotel for a quiet and peaceful family vacation. The territory is small, but that's not a bad thing. The surroundings are very pleasant, with mountains nearby. The air is not very humid, and it's very pleasant. There are many tourists with children and families. The hotel itself is luxurious, the rooms are a 5+, daily cleaning, complimentary minibar replenishment, very comfortable furniture, everything is clean and well-maintained. There are several elevators and toilets on each floor, which is very convenient. There are several bars and snack bars. If you don't know English at all, it might be a bit inconvenient because not many staff members speak Russian. The guests at the hotel are mainly Europeans (British, Polish, Germans). Now, let's talk about the food... There is quite a variety, with dishes for every taste. You can find fish and meat (I recommend trying lamb, it's very tasty), cheeses, side dishes, and snacks - everything is abundant. The biggest downside of the restaurant is its waitstaff, they are incredibly slow and lazy. You might sit down at a table and find no utensils or crumbs on it, and often you have to get your own drinks because it takes them forever to serve you (by the way, there is not enough variety of drinks in the restaurant). The beach is small, the sand is nice, and there are always available sun loungers, again, with a catch - there are rocks when you enter the sea, so go to the right side of the beach where there are fewer rocks. The sea is cooler than the Mediterranean, but I personally liked it. There is a bar and a toilet on the beach. The pool... It's good, big, and always warm, but again, if you find an available sun lounger here, you are very lucky because they are almost always occupied. There is a food court near the pool where you can have a snack. Overall, the hotel has many advantages, but there are also downsides.


Large hotel with its own Aqua Park. The territory is small for a 5-star hotel, with the main area occupied by the pool and entertainment area. The food is very good, with a lot of fish, seafood, and a variety of meat dishes. The main restaurant is huge, with multiple halls. There are also good cafes on the premises. The bar mainly offers local drinks, but it was hot and we settled for champagne and white wine (which were not bad for Turkey). The room was spacious, with excellent soundproofing (we could sleep even when there was a loud program in the evening). The beach was okay: two-tiered, and you had to "chase" after an umbrella, meaning the staff didn't seem to notice that you were struggling with a heavy umbrella and you had to approach them and ask, even though they were nearby and not very busy.


I liked everything about the hotel and would gladly go there again. My child is thrilled and constantly remembers the evening program, asking to go there again. The room was wonderful, on the top floor with a view of the mountains, quiet and cool after lunch. The food was amazing, with a wide selection, and I couldn't decide which dish to choose. They bring alcohol to the table, and the bars serve imported whiskies like Jameson and Ballantine's. The pool is huge, but cold, with two children's pools. There are also saunas, a steam room, and a heated pool. The water park is fantastic. The only downside was that the pool was chilly and the sea seemed cold to my wife, but it was clean.


Good rest, new, beautiful, clean hotel. The hotel area is small but very well maintained. We went for walks around the village outside the hotel, the views were breathtaking! The food was delicious and varied. It was great that even the children had good food, not just fries. The children's entertainment was excellent, special thanks to animator Ana, my daughter loved her. The room was spacious and the cleaning was of high quality. The spa had a big warm pool, sauna, and steam room. The hotel staff was positive, polite, and always tried to help and give advice. Thanks to Maeria for a fantastic vacation!


We stayed in this hotel with our family in September of the year 222. The vacation was approaching, and we hadn't bought the tickets yet. We hadn't been to the Aegean coast, so we decided to come to this hotel. The hotel is very stylish, beautiful, modern, and most importantly, brand new. There are plenty of entertainment options and relaxation areas in the hotel - bars, entertainment, coffee shops, stores, spa, water park, and swimming pool. We didn't leave the hotel much, only once to go to a store and to Didim. The food was abundant and delicious! Every day there was something new. There was entertainment during the day and in the evening, both for children and adults! We met wonderful ladies from Moscow - Valentina and Tatiana (Hello to you—if you're reading this). Our English was not very good, but everyone was ready to help us, and there was staff who spoke Russian. Thank you for a great vacation!


We bought a tour to this hotel (Operator Aneks). The hotel did not confirm the reservation for 5 days, but confirmed it the day before the departure. We arrived in Bodrum, but we were taken to another hotel. They said that this hotel was fully booked and they refused to accommodate us upon arrival. The only plus side was that they took us to a luxurious hotel and we even considered staying there. However, the next day the guide came and informed us that we would be staying at the originally booked hotel. It turned out that there were other couples who specifically booked this hotel. They were very disappointed, so situations like this can happen. Therefore, I would give a big minus for this. But it didn't matter much to us because we were accommodated in a higher-level and more expensive hotel.


We had a vacation during the June holidays from June 1st to 15th. We were pleasantly surprised by the Turkish airlines opening a direct flight from St. Petersburg to Bodrum. The flight was overnight. Upon arrival at the hotel, we were assigned a standard double room with a sea view. We decided to relax and overcome the fatigue of the night flight at the hotel's spa center. At Maeria, there is a wonderful AFNA spa center, and I express my immense gratitude to Farhad Bey for assisting us with spa reservations. I highly recommend it, you won't regret it. You will experience a traditional Turkish-style bath with foam, and the delicate hands of a Balinese girl will provide an amazing massage and skin hydration, leaving your body thanking you. I don't know about you, but I really love spa centers. The food and drinks at the hotel are of high quality. You will never go hungry at the hotel. I have a sweet tooth, so every day around 4 pm, I would go to the lobby for a cup of Americano coffee with various desserts. The bartenders make great cocktails. I'm not a fan of alcohol, but I allowed myself a glass of Martini and Baileys. The hotel offers both local and imported alcoholic beverages. The coffee, whether Turkish or regular, is brewed very well (I'm a coffee lover). The room was cleaned daily, and the towels were also changed every day. Bathrobes and slippers were provided upon check-in. The beach area improved this year, the water is slightly colder, but it's refreshing. There are enough sunbeds and loungers, and there is a beach bar and a guzleme stall for snacks right on the beach. Every day, there is free ice cream for children and adults alike. The entertainment is interesting. For those who love sightseeing, the temple of Apollo in Didim is just a 15-minute drive from the hotel. Expand your horizons for 3-4 lira. The hotel also offers a wonderful water park for children and adults. I highly recommend it to everyone!

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Akbuk beldesi 1001 Cd Akbuk, Turkey

The hotel "Maxeria Blue Didyma" is located in Akbuk, Turkey. Akbuk is a small coastal town known for its beautiful beaches and clear turquoise waters. The hotel itself is likely surrounded by a combination of natural landscapes, such as sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and Mediterranean vegetation. There may also be other hotels, restaurants, shops, and residential buildings in the vicinity.

Maxeria Blue Didyma

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About the hotel


Maxeria Blue Didyma is a hotel located in Akbuk, Turkey. Here is some information about the hotel, rooms, and meals: Hotel: - Maxeria Blue Didyma is a 4-star hotel offering comfortable accommodation and a range of amenities. - The hotel is situated near the beach, providing guests with easy access to the sea and beautiful views. - It features a spacious lobby, reception area, and friendly staff who are ready to assist guests throughout their stay. - The hotel offers free Wi-Fi in public areas, allowing guests to stay connected during their visit. - There is a swimming pool available for guests to enjoy a refreshing dip or relax by the poolside. - Other facilities include a fitness center, spa, and wellness center. Rooms: - Maxeria Blue Didyma offers various room types, including standard rooms, family rooms, and suites. - The rooms are well-appointed and designed with modern furnishings to provide a comfortable stay for guests. - Each room is equipped with amenities such as air conditioning, a TV, minibar, safe, and a private bathroom with a shower or bathtub. - Some rooms may also offer a balcony or terrace with views of the pool or the surrounding area. Meals: - The hotel features an on-site restaurant that serves a range of delicious meals. - Guests can enjoy a buffet-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the restaurant, which offers a variety of Turkish and international dishes. - The hotel also has a bar where guests can grab a refreshing drink or enjoy cocktails throughout the day. - Additionally, there are nearby restaurants and cafes where guests can explore different dining options. Overall, Maxeria Blue Didyma provides comfortable accommodation, various room options, and a range of meals to ensure an enjoyable stay for guests visiting Akbuk, Turkey.


Maxeria Blue Didyma in Akbuk, Turkey offers a range of activities and amenities for kids. Here are some things that kids can enjoy in Maxeria Blue Didyma:

1. Kid's Club: The resort likely has a dedicated Kid's Club where children can participate in supervised activities, games, and crafts. They can make new friends and have fun in a safe environment.

2. Swimming Pools: Maxeria Blue Didyma may have specially designed swimming pools for children. These pools often have water slides, splash pads, and other water features that are perfect for kids to have a great time in the water.

3. Outdoor Play Areas: There might be outdoor play areas with swings, slides, climbing frames, and other equipment. These areas provide a space for children to run around, play, and burn off energy.

4. Entertainment: The resort may offer entertainment for kids, such as shows, performances, and games. There could be regular activities like treasure hunts, talent shows, and movie nights that children can enjoy.

5. Sports Activities: Maxeria Blue Didyma might have facilities for kids to engage in various sports activities such as football, basketball, or mini-golf. This allows them to be active and enjoy team games.

6. Beach: The location of Maxeria Blue Didyma means that there is likely a nearby beach. Kids can spend time building sandcastles, swimming in the sea, and enjoying water sports like snorkeling, kayaking, or paddleboarding.

7. Excursions: The resort may organize excursions or day trips to nearby attractions. These trips could be suitable for kids, such as visits to water parks, amusement parks, or animal parks, where they can have a unique experience. It's always recommended to check with the specific resort or hotel for the exact amenities and activities available as they may vary.


There are several entertainment options near the hotel 'Maxeria Blue Didyma' in Akbuk, Turkey. Here are some suggestions:

1. Akbuk Beach: The hotel is located near the beautiful Akbuk Beach, where you can relax, soak up the sun, and enjoy the crystal-clear waters. Take a swim, engage in water sports, or simply lounge on the beach.

2. Boat Tours: Explore the stunning coastline of Akbuk by joining a boat tour. Many tour operators offer trips that take you to nearby bays and islands where you can swim, snorkel, and enjoy the picturesque views.

3. Didim Saturday Market: Visit the colorful Didim Saturday Market, located a short distance from the hotel. Here, you can shop for local produce, clothes, accessories, spices, and souvenirs. The market is also a great place to experience Turkish culture and sample traditional street food.

4. Apollo Temple: Take a trip to the nearby ancient city of Didyma, where you can visit the famous Apollo Temple. This impressive historical site offers a glimpse into the region's rich ancient history. Guided tours are available to provide interesting insights.

5. Nightlife: Akbuk has a lively nightlife scene with several bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a fun evening. Some venues offer live music, karaoke, or traditional Turkish entertainment, providing an opportunity to socialize and enjoy a night out.

6. Aqua Fantasy Aquapark: If you're looking for some family-friendly entertainment, you can head to Aqua Fantasy Aquapark, located in nearby Kusadasi. This water park has a variety of water slides, pools, and attractions for both children and adults.

7. Turkish Bath (Hamam): Experience the traditional Turkish bath culture by visiting a hamam in Akbuk. These traditional bathhouses offer relaxing steam rooms, exfoliating scrubs, and rejuvenating massages, providing a unique and pampering experience. Please note that availability of these options may vary, so it's recommended to check the specific schedules and opening hours in advance.

Top questions

1. Where is Maxeria Blue Didyma located?
1. Where is Maxeria Blue Didyma located?1

Maxeria Blue Didyma is located in Akbuk, Turkey.

2. What is Maxeria Blue Didyma?
2. What is Maxeria Blue Didyma?1

Maxeria Blue Didyma is a popular resort or hotel in Akbuk, Turkey.

3. What are the amenities offered at Maxeria Blue Didyma?
3. What are the amenities offered at Maxeria Blue Didyma?1

Maxeria Blue Didyma offers a range of amenities including swimming pools, a spa, fitness center, restaurants, bars, and beach access.

4. Is Maxeria Blue Didyma a beachfront property?
4. Is Maxeria Blue Didyma a beachfront property?1

Yes, Maxeria Blue Didyma is a beachfront property, offering direct access to the beach.

5. Are there any nearby attractions to visit from Maxeria Blue Didyma?
5. Are there any nearby attractions to visit from Maxeria Blue Didyma?1

Yes, there are several attractions near Maxeria Blue Didyma, including the ancient ruins of Didyma, the Temple of Apollo, and the beautiful beaches of Akbuk.

6. Can I book a room at Maxeria Blue Didyma online?
6. Can I book a room at Maxeria Blue Didyma online?1

Yes, you can book a room at Maxeria Blue Didyma online through their official website or various online booking platforms.

7. Are there any water sports activities available at Maxeria Blue Didyma?
7. Are there any water sports activities available at Maxeria Blue Didyma?1

Yes, Maxeria Blue Didyma offers water sports activities such as snorkeling, diving, and boat trips for guests to enjoy.

8. Is Maxeria Blue Didyma family-friendly?
8. Is Maxeria Blue Didyma family-friendly?1

Yes, Maxeria Blue Didyma is family-friendly and offers facilities and services suitable for both adults and children.

9. What is the distance between Maxeria Blue Didyma and the nearest airport?
9. What is the distance between Maxeria Blue Didyma and the nearest airport?1

The nearest airport to Maxeria Blue Didyma is Milas-Bodrum Airport, which is approximately a 45-minute drive away.

10. Does Maxeria Blue Didyma offer all-inclusive packages?
10. Does Maxeria Blue Didyma offer all-inclusive packages?1

Yes, Maxeria Blue Didyma offers all-inclusive packages that include meals, drinks, and selected activities.

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  • Massage
  • Massage / Beauty Centre
  • Billiards
  • Karaoke
  • Dart Board
Hotel Facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • WiFi
  • Elevator / Lift
  • Concierge
  • Designated Smoking Area
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Business Center
Room Facilities
  • Refrigerator
  • Mini Bar
  • Hair Dryer
  • Jacuzzi
  • Room Service
Extra services
  • Airport shuttle
  • Photocopier
Water activities
  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Pool Indoor
  • Pool Outdoor
  • Water Activities
For families with kids
  • Playground
  • Kids Club
Hotel review Maxeria Blue Didyma
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