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Es Lliri Blanc

Casa aislada numero 6607 Venda de Es Cap Barbaria Formentera, Spain Vacation Rental
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Es Lliri Blanc
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Casa aislada numero 6607 Venda de Es Cap Barbaria Formentera, Spain

Hotel Es Lliri Blanc is located in the town of Es Pujols on the island of Formentera in Spain. There are various attractions and amenities around the hotel, including:

1. Es Pujols Beach: The hotel is only a few minutes' walk away from the beautiful Es Pujols Beach, known for its crystal-clear waters, soft sand, and vibrant atmosphere.

2. Restaurants and Bars: Es Pujols town center is filled with numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars offering a variety of cuisines, from local Spanish dishes to international options.

3. Shops and Souvenir Stores: The surrounding area has plenty of shops and souvenir stores where visitors can browse and purchase local crafts, clothing, and other items.

4. Nightlife: Es Pujols is known for its lively nightlife scene, with many bars and clubs offering entertainment, live music, and DJ nights.

5. Water Sports: The beach near the hotel offers various water sports activities, such as snorkeling, jet skiing, paddleboarding, and boat rentals.

6. Bicycle Rental: Formentera is a small island that is easily explored by bicycle. There are several rental shops near the hotel, allowing guests to rent bikes and explore the island at their own pace.

7. Marina: The marina of Es Pujols is nearby, offering the opportunity to go on boat trips or charter a yacht to explore the beautiful coastline of Formentera.

8. Local Attractions: Formentera is known for its natural beauty, including stunning beaches, salt flats, and scenic hiking trails. There are also landmarks such as the lighthouse of La Mola and the historical site of Illetes within reach of the hotel. Overall, Hotel Es Lliri Blanc is conveniently located in Es Pujols, offering guests easy access to the beach, restaurants, shops, nightlife, water sports, and various attractions on the island of Formentera.

Es Lliri Blanc
Vacation Rental

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About the hotel


Es Lliri Blanc is a hotel located in the tranquil island of Formentera, Spain. This charming hotel offers a range of amenities and services to ensure a comfortable stay for guests. The hotel features a variety of rooms, including standard doubles, superior doubles, and suites. Each room is thoughtfully decorated with a modern and minimalist design, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The rooms are equipped with amenities such as air conditioning, satellite TV, minibar, and free Wi-Fi. Some rooms also have private balconies or terraces with stunning views of the surrounding nature. Guests at Es Lliri Blanc can enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast served daily in the hotel's dining area. The breakfast menu includes a variety of hot and cold options, including pastries, fruits, cereals, and a selection of beverages. The hotel also has a bar where guests can enjoy refreshing drinks and light snacks throughout the day. For those looking to explore the local cuisine, the hotel is conveniently located near a range of restaurants and cafes. These establishments offer traditional Spanish dishes, seafood specialties, and international cuisine to cater to different tastes and preferences. Overall, Es Lliri Blanc offers comfortable accommodations, a peaceful ambiance, and a convenient location to explore the beautiful island of Formentera.


Formentera, Spain is a beautiful island known for its stunning beaches and natural beauty. While it is not as lively as neighboring Ibiza, there are still plenty of entertainment options near the hotel 'Es Lliri Blanc.' Here are some suggestions:

1. Beaches: Formentera is famous for its pristine beaches, so spending the day sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying the crystal-clear waters is a must-do activity. Some popular beaches near 'Es Lliri Blanc' include Ses Illetes, Playa de Migjorn, and Cala Saona.

2. Watersports: If you are looking for some more adventurous entertainment, Formentera offers a range of watersports activities. You can go snorkeling, scuba diving, paddleboarding, or rent a kayak to explore the coast.

3. Boat trips: Take a boat trip around the island to explore its hidden coves and breathtaking coastline. Many companies offer guided tours or boat rentals for self-exploration.

4. Cycling: Formentera is a cyclist's paradise with its flat terrain and beautiful scenery. Rent a bicycle and explore the island's many trails and paths, including the Camí de Cavalls, which is a 20-mile loop that circles the island.

5. Shopping: Formentera has several charming markets and shops where you can browse for unique souvenirs, local handicrafts, and fashion. The Hippie Market in La Mola is particularly popular, offering a wide variety of handmade crafts, clothing, and jewelry.

6. Restaurants and bars: Formentera has a great selection of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy delicious Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. Try some local seafood dishes, paella, or enjoy a sunset cocktail by the beach.

7. Sunset watching: The sunsets in Formentera are famous for their mesmerizing beauty. Find a comfortable spot near the hotel or head to a beach bar to relax and watch the sun go down over the sea. Overall, while Formentera may not offer as many clubs and nightlife options as Ibiza, it provides a more relaxed and nature-centric entertainment experience.

Top questions

1. How do I get to Es Lliri Blanc in Formentera, Spain?
1. How do I get to Es Lliri Blanc in Formentera, Spain?1

Es Lliri Blanc is located in the town of Es Pujols in Formentera. The nearest airport is Ibiza Airport, and from there, you can take a ferry to Formentera. Once in Formentera, you can hire a taxi or rent a car to reach Es Lliri Blanc in Es Pujols.

2. What are the amenities offered at Es Lliri Blanc?
2. What are the amenities offered at Es Lliri Blanc?1

Es Lliri Blanc offers various amenities such as spacious rooms with private balconies or terraces, a swimming pool, a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine, a bar, free Wi-Fi, free parking, and a 24-hour front desk.

3. Is breakfast included in the room rate at Es Lliri Blanc?
3. Is breakfast included in the room rate at Es Lliri Blanc?1

Yes, breakfast is included in the room rate at Es Lliri Blanc. Guests can enjoy a buffet-style breakfast with a wide range of options.

4. Does Es Lliri Blanc have a swimming pool?
4. Does Es Lliri Blanc have a swimming pool?1

Yes, Es Lliri Blanc has a swimming pool available for guests to use. It is a great spot to relax and enjoy the sun.

5. Is Es Lliri Blanc a family-friendly hotel?
5. Is Es Lliri Blanc a family-friendly hotel?1

Yes, Es Lliri Blanc is a family-friendly hotel. They offer family rooms and have facilities such as a children's pool and a playground.

6. How far is Es Lliri Blanc from the beach?
6. How far is Es Lliri Blanc from the beach?1

Es Lliri Blanc is located just a short walk away from the beach. The beautiful sands and crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean are easily accessible from the hotel.

7. What activities can be enjoyed near Es Lliri Blanc?
7. What activities can be enjoyed near Es Lliri Blanc?1

There are plenty of activities to enjoy near Es Lliri Blanc. You can explore the town of Es Pujols, visit nearby beaches, go hiking or biking in the nature reserves, try water sports such as paddleboarding or sailing, or simply relax and soak up the sun.

8. Does Es Lliri Blanc provide bike rentals?
8. Does Es Lliri Blanc provide bike rentals?1

Yes, Es Lliri Blanc offers bike rentals for guests who want to explore the island on two wheels. It's a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around and see the sights.

9. Is there parking available at Es Lliri Blanc?
9. Is there parking available at Es Lliri Blanc?1

Yes, Es Lliri Blanc provides free parking for guests. You can safely park your car at the hotel and easily explore the surrounding areas.

10. Are there any restaurants or shops near Es Lliri Blanc?
10. Are there any restaurants or shops near Es Lliri Blanc?1

Yes, Es Lliri Blanc is located in Es Pujols, which is a vibrant town with many restaurants, bars, and shops within walking distance. You can easily find dining options and souvenirs nearby.

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