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Avenida Kinic M 1 L 1-01 SM 040 Cancun, Mexico Apartment
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Avenida Kinic M 1 L 1-01 SM 040 Cancun, Mexico

The hotel 'HomeUniko' in Cancun, Mexico is located in the Hotel Zone, which is a popular tourist area with numerous hotels, restaurants, and entertainment options. It is surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Some nearby landmarks and attractions include:

1. Playa Tortugas: A popular public beach located just a short walk from the hotel.

2. Coco Bongo: A famous nightclub and entertainment venue known for its extravagant shows and lively atmosphere.

3. La Isla Shopping Village: A large shopping center with a wide variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options including an aquarium.

4. Cancun Interactive Aquarium: An interactive aquarium where visitors can swim with dolphins, snorkel with tropical fish, and experience other marine life attractions.

5. Plaza Forum: An entertainment complex featuring bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. It is a popular spot for nightlife in Cancun.

6. Plaza Caracol: Another shopping mall with various stores, boutiques, and dining options.

7. Kukulcan Plaza: A shopping plaza that offers upscale shopping, restaurants, and a movie theater.

8. Nichupte Lagoon: A large lagoon located on the west side of Cancun's Hotel Zone which offers various water activities like boat tours, fishing, and jet skiing.

9. Museo Maya de Cancun: A museum dedicated to the ancient Mayan civilization, featuring artifacts and exhibits related to Mayan culture and history.

10. Golf Courses: There are several golf courses in the surrounding area for golf enthusiasts. These are just a few examples of the many attractions and amenities located near the HomeUniko hotel in Cancun.


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About the hotel


HomeUniko is an elegant boutique hotel located in the heart of Cancun, Mexico. The hotel offers a luxurious and comfortable stay with its modern amenities and excellent services. Rooms at HomeUniko are designed with chic decor and contemporary furnishings. Each room is air-conditioned and features a comfortable bed, a private bathroom, a flat-screen TV, a minibar, and free Wi-Fi. The rooms are spacious and well-maintained, providing a relaxing retreat for guests. The hotel offers several meal options to cater to different tastes and preferences. Guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast every morning, which includes a variety of options such as fresh fruits, pastries, cereals, and hot dishes. The on-site restaurant serves delicious Mexican and international cuisine for lunch and dinner, prepared by skilled chefs using locally sourced ingredients. In addition to the comfortable rooms and delicious meals, HomeUniko provides an array of facilities and services for the convenience of guests. These include a 24-hour front desk, concierge services, a fitness center, a rooftop swimming pool with panoramic views of the city, a spa and wellness center, and a business center. The hotel also offers car rental services, airport transportation, and free parking for guests. Located in the bustling city of Cancun, HomeUniko is situated within close proximity to popular attractions, shopping malls, dining options, and entertainment venues. The hotel's central location allows guests to easily explore the city and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. Overall, HomeUniko offers a comfortable and relaxing stay with its modern rooms, delicious meals, and excellent amenities. Whether traveling for business or leisure, guests can expect a memorable experience at this boutique hotel in Cancun.


While I cannot provide real-time information, here are some popular entertainment options near the hotel "HomeUniko" in Cancun, Mexico:

1. Beaches: Cancun is famous for its beautiful beaches. Spend a day relaxing, sunbathing, and swimming at Playa Delfines or Playa Tortugas.

2. Nightclubs: Cancun has a vibrant nightlife scene with numerous nightclubs. Some popular options include Coco Bongo, Mandala Beach Club, and The City Nightclub.

3. La Isla Shopping Village: Located nearby, this outdoor shopping complex offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, including a 3D movie theater and an aquarium.

4. Xoximilco: Experience a traditional Mexican fiesta on a boat at Xoximilco Cancun. Enjoy live music, local cuisine, and mariachi performances while floating through the canals.

5. Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA): If you enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving, visit MUSA, which features a collection of over 500 submerged art sculptures. It's a unique and stunning sight to explore.

6. Jungle tours: Take a thrilling excursion through the jungles surrounding Cancun. Options include ATV rides, ziplining, and cenote swimming.

7. Coco Beach: Just a short distance away, Coco Beach offers watersport activities such as jet skiing, paddleboarding, and parasailing.

8. Mayan Ruins: Explore the history and culture of the region by visiting ancient Mayan ruins like Tulum or Chichen Itza, both easily accessible from Cancun.

9. Cancun Interactive Aquarium: Located in the hotel zone, this interactive aquarium allows visitors to swim with dolphins, feed sharks, and admire a wide variety of marine life.

10. Plaza Las Americas: This shopping mall offers a wide range of retail stores, restaurants, and a cinema. It's a great option for leisurely shopping or catching a movie. Remember to check the latest information, operating hours, and availability of these attractions before visiting.

Top questions

1. What is HomeUniko?
1. What is HomeUniko?1

HomeUniko is the name of a popular vacation rental company in Cancun, Mexico.

2. What type of properties does HomeUniko offer?
2. What type of properties does HomeUniko offer?1

HomeUniko offers a wide range of vacation rental properties including luxury villas, beachfront condos, and private homes.

3. How can I book a property with HomeUniko?
3. How can I book a property with HomeUniko?1

You can book a property with HomeUniko through their website by selecting your preferred dates, property type, and location. After selecting a property, you will be guided through the booking process.

4. Can I get a refund if I need to cancel my reservation?
4. Can I get a refund if I need to cancel my reservation?1

HomeUniko's cancellation policy varies depending on the specific property and time of cancellation. It is recommended to review the cancellation policy for the selected property before booking.

5. Are the properties listed on HomeUniko verified and safe?
5. Are the properties listed on HomeUniko verified and safe?1

Yes, HomeUniko verifies all the properties listed on their platform to ensure the safety and reliability of each property.

6. Is breakfast included in the rental price?
6. Is breakfast included in the rental price?1

The inclusion of breakfast varies by property. Some properties may offer breakfast as an additional service or have it included in the rental price. It is recommended to check the property listing or contact HomeUniko for accurate information.

7. Does HomeUniko provide airport transportation?
7. Does HomeUniko provide airport transportation?1

HomeUniko can arrange airport transportation for an additional fee upon request. This can be arranged before or after making a reservation.

8. What amenities are typically included in the properties?
8. What amenities are typically included in the properties?1

The amenities provided may vary depending on the specific property. However, most properties listed by HomeUniko offer essentials like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchens, swimming pools, and access to the beach or nearby attractions. Detailed information about the amenities of each property can be found on their listing page.

9. How far are the properties from popular attractions in Cancun?
9. How far are the properties from popular attractions in Cancun?1

The distance between the properties and popular attractions can vary. HomeUniko offers properties in various locations within Cancun, so the proximity to attractions depends on the specific property you choose. The listing description usually provides information about nearby attractions and distances.

10. Is there a customer support service available for guests?
10. Is there a customer support service available for guests?1

Yes, HomeUniko provides customer support for guests. They have a dedicated team that can assist with any inquiries or issues during your stay. Contact information for customer support is usually provided in the booking confirmation or on their website.

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  • WiFi
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