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Rizes House

Iatrou Katsaouni Spyridon Agios Nikolaos, Greece Apartment
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Rizes House
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Iatrou Katsaouni Spyridon Agios Nikolaos, Greece

Around the hotel "Rizes House" in Agios Nikolaos, Greece, you will find various amenities and attractions. Some possible locations and points of interest nearby are:

1. Beaches: The hotel is located near several beautiful beaches in Agios Nikolaos, including Ammoudi Beach, Almiros Beach, and Kitroplatia Beach.

2. Agios Nikolaos Town: The hotel is situated close to the town center, where you can explore traditional Greek taverns, shops, cafes, and nightlife options. The picturesque Lake Voulismeni is also located in the town center.

3. Archaeological Museum of Agios Nikolaos: This museum showcases artifacts and archaeological findings from the region, providing insight into the history of Agios Nikolaos and the surrounding area. It is located within a short distance from the hotel.

4. Spinalonga Island: A popular tourist attraction, Spinalonga Island is a short boat ride away from Agios Nikolaos. This historic island offers a fascinating visit to a former leper colony with ancient ruins and stunning views.

5. Mirabello Bay: The hotel is situated on the shores of Mirabello Bay, providing gorgeous views of the bay and the surrounding mountains.

6. Traditional Villages: There are several traditional villages near Agios Nikolaos, such as Kritsa and Elounda, which offer a glimpse into the local Cretan culture and lifestyle.

7. Excursions and Activities: From Agios Nikolaos, you can also easily access various outdoor activities and excursions, such as boat trips, jeep safaris, hiking trails, and water sports. Please note that the exact location and attractions may vary, and it is recommended to check the specific details and offerings of the hotel "Rizes House" for more accurate information.

Rizes House

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About the hotel


Rizes House is a hotel located in Agios Nikolaos, Greece. The hotel offers comfortable and spacious rooms that provide a relaxing atmosphere. Each room is equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, television, mini-fridge, and a private bathroom. Some rooms also feature a balcony or terrace with stunning views of the surrounding area. The hotel offers various types of rooms to suit different preferences and group sizes. They have single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, and family rooms. The family rooms are ideal for larger groups or families as they have multiple beds and additional space. Rizes House provides meal options for its guests. They offer a delicious breakfast every morning, which is included in the room rate. The breakfast buffet includes a variety of options such as fresh fruits, pastries, yogurt, cereals, and hot beverages. Guests can start their day off right with a hearty breakfast before exploring the beautiful surroundings. In addition to breakfast, Rizes House also has an on-site restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. The restaurant offers a menu with a wide range of local Greek dishes, as well as international cuisine options. Guests can enjoy traditional Greek flavors and ingredients while taking in the scenic views from the restaurant. Overall, Rizes House provides comfortable accommodation with spacious rooms and a variety of meal options to suit different preferences. It offers a convenient and enjoyable stay for visitors to Agios Nikolaos, Greece.


There are several entertainment options near the hotel Rizes House in Agios Nikolaos, Greece. Some of the popular choices include:

1. Ammos Beach Club: Located just a short walk from the hotel, this beach club offers sunbeds, music, and a lively atmosphere.

2. Lake Voulismeni: This picturesque lake is located in the center of Agios Nikolaos and offers beautiful views. Visitors can enjoy a walk around the lake or relax at one of the surrounding cafes.

3. Archaeological Museum of Agios Nikolaos: This museum showcases artifacts from the ancient city of Olous and offers a glimpse into the region's rich history.

4. Mirabello Beach and Village Hotel: Just a short distance from Rizes House, this beach and hotel complex offers various water sports activities, including kayaking and paddleboarding.

5. Elounda Beach: Located about 10 kilometers from Agios Nikolaos, this sandy beach is known for its crystal-clear waters and tranquil surroundings.

6. Spinalonga Island: A short boat trip from Agios Nikolaos, this historic island is home to the ruins of a Venetian fortress and was once a leper colony. Visitors can explore the island's history and enjoy its scenic beauty.

7. Agios Nikolaos Marina: Situated near the hotel, the marina offers boat trips and yacht charters for those looking to explore the coastline or nearby islands.

8. Nightlife: Agios Nikolaos has a vibrant nightlife scene with numerous bars, clubs, and taverns offering live music and entertainment. Visitors can enjoy traditional Greek music, karaoke, and dance the night away. These are just a few entertainment options near Rizes House in Agios Nikolaos. The local area is also known for its natural beauty, scenic walks, and stunning beaches, providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Top questions

1. What is Rizes House in Agios Nikolaos, Greece?
1. What is Rizes House in Agios Nikolaos, Greece?1

Rizes House is a popular accommodation option located in Agios Nikolaos, Greece. It offers comfortable lodging for tourists visiting the area.

2. What amenities does Rizes House provide?
2. What amenities does Rizes House provide?1

Rizes House provides a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for guests. These may include free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchens, private bathrooms, and access to a swimming pool.

3. Is Rizes House centrally located in Agios Nikolaos?
3. Is Rizes House centrally located in Agios Nikolaos?1

Rizes House is located in the village of Katsikia, which is about a 10-minute drive from the center of Agios Nikolaos. While it is not centrally located, it offers a peaceful and picturesque setting.

4. How far is Rizes House from the beach?
4. How far is Rizes House from the beach?1

Rizes House is about a 15-minute drive from the nearest beach. It is recommended to rent a car or use other forms of transportation to reach the beach and explore the surrounding areas.

5. Are there any dining options near Rizes House?
5. Are there any dining options near Rizes House?1

While Rizes House itself does not have dining options, there are several restaurants and taverns located within a short driving distance. Guests can explore nearby villages or visit Agios Nikolaos for a variety of dining choices.

6. Is Rizes House family-friendly?
6. Is Rizes House family-friendly?1

Yes, Rizes House is family-friendly and suitable for families traveling with children. It offers spacious accommodations and a peaceful environment, perfect for a relaxing family vacation.

7. Can I book excursions or activities through Rizes House?
7. Can I book excursions or activities through Rizes House?1

Rizes House may be able to assist guests in booking excursions and activities in the area. The staff can provide information and recommendations on popular attractions, boat trips, hiking trails, and other experiences available in Agios Nikolaos and its surroundings.

8. What is the cancellation policy at Rizes House?
8. What is the cancellation policy at Rizes House?1

The cancellation policy at Rizes House may vary depending on the booking terms and conditions. It is recommended to check directly with the accommodation provider for information on their specific cancellation policy.

9. Is parking available at Rizes House?
9. Is parking available at Rizes House?1

Yes, Rizes House provides free parking for guests. There is ample space available for those who choose to rent a car during their stay.

10. Can I bring pets to Rizes House?
10. Can I bring pets to Rizes House?1

Rizes House may have specific policies regarding pets. It is best to contact the accommodation directly to inquire about their pet policy before making a reservation.

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