Bright immersion into the world of Maldivian cuisine at the Milaidhoo resort.

Bright immersion into the world of Maldivian cuisine at the Milaidhoo resort.

The unique gastronomic journey is offered by the Ba'theli establishment - the only restaurant in the world whose menu is inspired by the legendary trade route from India to the Mediterranean - the Spice Route. The name of the restaurant "Ba'theli" comes from the Maldivian Divehi language and means a special cargo boat traditionally used for transporting spices. Traveling between islands on ba'theli boats, people not only traded but also shared knowledge about distant countries, traditions, and cuisines along the intricate Spice Route.

Bright immersion into the world of Maldivian cuisine at the Milaidhoo resort.

The Maldives archipelago, being one of the intermediate points on the route of merchants traveling from India and Indonesia towards Africa and Arabia, quickly became acquainted with treasures from the world of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, cloves, ginger, and pepper. Today, the traditions of those times are revived by our outstanding chefs on one of the islets in the Baa Atoll, where Ba'theli is located.

Externally, the restaurant lives up to its name: it appears as if it is made up of three wooden boats swaying on turquoise waves, each of which is a separate compartment. The first boat is a lounge bar, where it is pleasant to have an aperitif and admire the sunset. The kitchen is located in the second boat - undoubtedly the main place where all the magic happens. The third boat is the main dining space of the restaurant, where people come not only for the food but also for the indescribable atmosphere, highlighted by the star-studded sky.

Bright immersion into the world of Maldivian cuisine at the Milaidhoo resort.

The gastronomic journey begins in the lounge with the signature refreshing cocktail Parrot Fashion made of dark rum, a hint of bitters, grapefruit oil, and a special mix of five spices. The perfect accompaniment to this exquisite drink would be the colorful sunset, the sound of waves, and snacks made from local ingredients.

And now it's time to move directly to the restaurant. Here, guests are offered three different options to choose from. The tasting menu includes five modern Maldivian dishes, each of which is an embodiment of the cultural heritage of the archipelago, seasoned with a surprise from the chef, as he prepares something new and never repeats it every day.

In the à la carte menu, there is a modern presentation of traditional Maldivian delicacies in various variations of mezes, soups, and salads. And finally, there is a menu inspired by the Spice Route, featuring dishes such as Indonesian beef rendang, Indian tikka biryani, and South African nyama choma - all with a touch of Maldivian charm.

At Ba'theli, one can easily forget what year it is and be transported back almost 5,000 years, to a time when the Maldives were not one of the most popular resorts on the planet, but an important trading center. Get comfortable at your table on the boat - we are setting sail!

Bright immersion into the world of Maldivian cuisine at the Milaidhoo resort.


Milaidhoo Island Maldives is a small island resort, characterized by its commitment to local traditions. 50 modern villas with pools, designed by a local architect in traditional Maldivian style, have everything needed for an unforgettable vacation. Each guest also has a personal butler to fulfill any wishes. The entertainment options include various water sports, sunrise yoga, and snorkeling on the incredibly beautiful coral reefs.

One of Milaidhoo's special features is its cuisine: it boasts three world-class restaurants, including Ba'theli, built in the shape of three traditional Maldivian boats. The menu of this restaurant is based on traditional Maldivian dishes, with many recipes dating back to the times of the maritime Spice Route.

Milaidhoo is a truly Maldivian resort where the word "luxury" takes on new meanings. Fantastic nature, exquisite cuisine, and a romantic atmosphere: dolphin-watching at sunset and picnics on secluded sandy beaches... In this stunning place, any desire can be fulfilled!

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